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Loyalty Points Wallet

We have decided to create a Loyalty Reward Points system as a way of giving something back to our customers. You can save your Loyalty Points up to buy a free meal or just redeem what you have earned towards your next order.

This program type accumulates points based on the dollar value of the customer's historical purchases. For example, if you collect 25,000 points you don't have to wait, you can redeem any points you earn as soon as your next order with us. (See more below.)

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We offer a full array of titillating Afghan dishes for your dining pleasure or online ordering for takeout. Enjoy the mysteries of Afghanistan's delicately delicious Beef, Lamb, fish and Chicken dishes. Taste our Afghan style kebabs, marinated with herbs and spices, broiled with fresh onions and peppers, and served with rice, bread, salad and sauces. At Pamier Kabob a pleasant surprises awaits you. .

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